Take advantage of Grovetree’s

Frequency Program

Free set-ups and extra low run costs

on frequently run sizes and films

Free set-ups and extra low run costson frequently run sizes and films

Run 12.5″ x 19″ or 13″x19″ sheets with OPP Gloss,

ScuffProof OPP Matte, SofTouch Velvet or Rhino2.0 Gloss,

and get incredible savings!

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Outsourcing Lamination is costly for small orders of digital printed work.  There are big set-up charges, and pickup and delivery costs.  Until Now!

Introducing Canada’s first Lamination On Demand service that virtually eliminates the need of owning your own equipment!

Not only are common sizes incredibly priced, but offering lamination as a value added service has never been easier!  A couple clicks of a mouse and your job is done!  We pick up your prints, professionally laminate them, and the next thing you know, they’re back on your desk, beautiful and ready to sell!

There’s no more need for expensive lamination equipment that ends up sitting there taking up space most of the time.  No more expensive rolls of laminate.  No more wrinkles and peeling!  Click here for a cost comparison of a simple lamination order!