OK, OK!  Sometimes it makes sense to have your own laminator.  Grovetree can help set you up with the same machinery we use in-house, at amazing prices!

Be sure to do your homework as to whether installing a laminator and training an operator makes sense. In most cases, it doesn’t. With the capital cost, training cost, film cost, and maintenance, it takes a significant amount of laminating to break even. Would you install a printer that does one or two jobs per day?

However, we’ve sold machines to several of our clients who built up their business to a level where they were using a laminator several hours per day. It’s a great way to build a service without the risk.

The best way to make that step is to do it in coordination with a trade laminator that also sells machinery. It makes the transition seamless. We only sell machinery that we use on the floor in our trade environment. You can come watch the machinery running and learn about it. Our team knows the machinery inside out and can train your team seamlessly. When / if you have a breakdown, we can laminate your jobs while we fix your machine.

If you have any questions or would like more information, reach out to