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Our Capabilities

GrovetreeGo! has lamination capabilities from 5” x 8.5” up to 28” x 40”, with just about any lamination on the market today.

With eight laminators of various sizes, we’ll always have the right machine for the job. And with hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory, we won’t run out of film.

We’re proud to announce our Adhesion Guarantee! With our digital curing system, we can guarantee that our lamination will stick to your toner-based digital prints, no matter how heavy your coverage is.

Check out our product categories on the home page for all the laminates we offer.

For more lamination and finishing services, check out This is where we run larger jobs, up to 55” x 78”, textured laminates, adhesives, and specialty printed products like counter mats, widow decals, and floor graphics.

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Why offer Lamination?

Lamination adds significant value to all types of printed material. It enhances colours and contrasts. It adds durability and longevity that other finishes can’t.

Try offering lamination to your clients, using our beautiful sample book. Chances are they want their products to stand out and last, and you’ll be helping them do that!

Gain credibility with clients by offering them options. Get them coming back to you. Lamination helps them increase their sales, and it increases yours!

GrovetreeGo supports your efforts with samples and answers. Once you build up your laminating offering enough, we’ll then install a proven trade laminator in your premises and train you to use it. Then we’ll support you with film, and run the jobs that don’t fit on your machinery. We’re trying to make it seamless and profitable.

A few notes on the environmental impact of plastic lamination…

The laminates that GrovetreeGo uses are mostly made of OPP and PET. Both are low carbon footprint plastics. In fact, the carbon footprint of OPP is of lower than that of paper!

Lamination also allows for the use of less paper, due to its strength, therefore lowering the product’s carbon footprint. And due to its moisture and chemical barrier characteristics, lamination allows for much less waste – as many as dozens of times for books and posters, and hundreds of times for menus.

Most of our laminates are made from propylene monomer, a gas that is produced as a by-product of petroleum refining, as well as through the catalytic dehydrogenation of propane.

Polypropylene uses the least amount of energy during production, and produces the lowest carbon dioxide emissions, compared to other plastics.

No toxic chemicals are released in the recycling process of polypropylene or polyester, and they do not generate toxic gases when burned. They contain no plasticizers and don’t leach anything into the soil.

Laminated paperboard is also repulpable, meaning that two materials can be separated and then recycled.

While it isn’t completely sustainable, it’s a more environmentally conscious option than many other materials.

Not all Soft Touch laminates are created equally!

Soft Touch laminates are premium, only used on high end jobs.

Unfortunately there are a number of second-rate films on the market, as companies try to cut corners and make it a little cheaper. This results in less-than-premium finished products.

We have conducted extensive research and testing of dozens of different brands, and we’ve settled on only two of the finest Soft Touch films.

Our film, named SofTouch™, offers the best adhesion to prints, the best durability to scuffs and scratches, and the best glueability on the market.

You also get the most velvety feel, and the best colour clarity!

SofTouch™ by GrovetreeGo. A cut above.

How would you like more protection for less money?

Rhino2.0 is a next generation laminate that uses less plastic, but offers more rigidity and protection!

Made from specially formulated super high strength polyester, Rhino2.0 is only 2 mils thick, but has twice the strength of the thicker and more expensive 3.0 mil! In fact, it’s almost as tear resistant as 5.0 mil polyester!

The only less expensive polyester available is 1.7 mil, but it tears easily and the edge seal gets ragged quickly. Rhino2.0 is twice as strong!

If you need tear resistant on your 1-sided project, it’s the strongest 1-sided film ever! We can do that through Grovetree Press, as it’s not yet available on GrovetreeGo.

Currently only available in gloss, we’re looking to add more products to our Rhino line, and hopefully bring plastic use (and cost) down across the board!

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